Strategic Communications is pleased to offer specialised events that are market-driven. These events are designed to enhance the management understanding of the changing and evolving industry through the development of essential management skills in specialized areas of leadership, policy planning, strategic management, project management and effective negotiation.

At Strategic Communications, we aim to provide an in-depth understanding of current trends, new policies, price setting, key issues, changing market situations and challenges affecting the Oil, Gas, LNG, Power, Water and Energy industries through our specialized and extensively research training workshops.

Strategic Communications is a young, vibrant conference company with ambitious plans to deliver extensively researched market-driven high value summits and training seminars. Each programme summit that is put together is content packed with the latest key and critical issues impacting businesses today – attendees will have the opportunity to meet, network and learn from the insights and valuable lessons from case studies and best practices presented.

Every effort is made to bring together the best minds for each summit – stellar speaker panel, media partners, advisors, association endorsers and industry sponsors to develop programme agendas that are both relevant and topical to industry.

Apart from industry summits and value added training seminars, we also offer an in-house training programme, you can contact us at any time to enquire about the programmes we are able to run in-house for your organisation.

“Because the conference was very professionally held by Lady Barbara Judge”

“I could attend only day 2.
Very interacting presentation about situation in Poland. Very well documented presentation.”

“Good people and atmosphere for discussion.”

“Great speakers, great organization, good content.”

“Very well organized!
Focused topic with broad approach – learned a lot.”

“Caliber of speakers, with the right deep experience.”

“Updated information – Lessons learned after Fukushima”

“This conference covers all fields that I am interested / I am impressed by chairman and speakers”

“Excellent! Great group of people from academia, industry and governemt.”

“Providing many lessons for us to implement Nuclear Power Progress.”

“The conference provided a lot of useful information about policies, safety, approaches enhancements for nuclear power after Fukushima accident.”

“The conference covers the overall nuclear power development situation in the world as well as in some specific nations.”

“The information and experiences in this conference are useful for policy maker investors and nuclear power experts in implementing Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power Project as well as gear up opportunity in valuable cooperation in this field.”

“ Very substantive presentations and discussions.”

“Useful background information with some valued networking.”
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