The 5th International HSR Asia 2018 Summit is designed specifically for leaders, decision-makers and investors in the Asia Pacific region’s  high speed rail industry. HSR Asia 2018 will attract key representatives from railway operators, government representatives and rail specialists, including technology providers from around the world.

Take advantage of opportunities arising from the huge investment in high speed rail infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region and be part of Asia's commitment to rail development.

Come to HSR Asia 2018 and gain a wealth of knowledge from the top industry players and get answers to :

  • where are the latest 'hotspots' for high speed rail development and expansion in the Asia Pacific region?
  • how can you maximise your returns on your high speed rail infrastructure investment?
  • how can you take advantage of new government initiatives that allow for increased foreign direct investment in the country?
  • what legal and regulatory frameworks are in place to ensure the security of your investment?
  • CFO/Heads of Finance:
  • what is the investment climate in the rail sector for the Asia Pacific region?
  • what financing and funding options can you take advantage of to maximise your investment?
  • what are the latest issues affecting financing models such as BOT and PPP and what are the implications for you?
Regulators/Government Officials:
  • what policies and initiatives would potential investors look for?
  • what measures can be taken to encourage foreign investment in your country?
Technology Providers/Consultants/Manufacturers:
  • which are the current growth markets for high speed rail that you can tap into?
  • which government subsidies and initiatives can you take advantage of?
  • what are the needs of the high speed rail sector in the region and what solutions can you offer?
  • what are your competitors offering and the implications for you?
HSR Asia 2018 is where over 100 top level rail professionals will convene to network, learn and exchange information.
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