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Since the company was founded in 1929, HALFEN GmbH has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of concrete anchoring and façade support systems, reinforcement technology, metal framing as well as pre-cast concrete lifting systems.

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In addition to the highest quality products, we also offer our clients extensive technical services and engineered fixing solutions.

With our reputation of quality and outstanding service, our fixings products are being used across the world in numerous infrastructure and tunnel projects, high-speed railway and subway projects, curtain wall facades, power plants and various other fields such as chemical industry and refineries.

HALFEN products are typically the first choice for project owners, developers, planners or construction companies, whenever uncompromising safety, high quality, sustainability, versatility and economical speed are the dominating project features.


In South-East Asia HALFEN is being represented by the Halfen-Moment Group, established in 1991 and like HALFEN GmbH under the umbrella of the CRH plc. - one of the largest building material groups in the world and a fortune 500 company.

Halfen Moment Group has been in the forefront of building since 1991, supplying Moment Couplers to construction sites as an alternative to traditional splicing.

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Projects such as the iconic Petronas Twin Towers were one of the company’s first projects. Headquartered in Malaysia and with subsidiaries in Singapore, Philippines and India, we operate in both matured as well as emerging markets. Since 2012, the Halfen Moment Group has been part of CRH plc, a Global Fortune 500 company. With the access to a larger pool of resources and support from sister companies Halfen, Ancon and Plaka, we have positioned ourselves as an innovative solution provider for the building structure with an established network in Asia, Europe and Middle East. Our goal is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for the building structure. We believe in providing local solutions for local problems. Our product range is used for infrastructure, high rise and low rise residential and commercial construction.


In Mekano 4, we supply technical solutions for construction and maintenance of bridges and structures, also for geotechnical projects with our bars and grounds anchorages, looking to provide our clients with specialized and complete service which responds to their technical problems.

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Post-tensioning, bridge bearings, expansion joints, construction methodologies for bridges, stayed cables for suspended structures, ground anchors, high tensile bards, monitoring, those are some of the products and technical solutions that we offer in the bridges structures and geotechnics markets.


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