Following the success of our last high speed rail summit in 2017, Strategic Communications is pleased to announce the scheduling of our HSR Asia 2018 for October 2018 in India. Join us in India for the latest updates on high speed rail development and projects across the Asia Pacific region with a timely focus on India’s fast developing high speed rail programme. Network with key policy makers, government, business leaders and industry experts to develop partnerships, identify opportunities and assess challenges in the high speed rail sector to gain competitive advantage. India’s visible commitment to the private sector in every initiative gives confidence to the industry players to invest, produce and grow in India. Vision of the Government of India to go electric by 2030 with railways and transportation playing a pivotal role will open up the rail market to new opportunities and investment. Developing a world-class, environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and safe rail transport system that maximise capacity should be on the agenda for all Asia Pacific governments looking to take advantage of the innovative and futuristic technologies disrupting the rail sector.

HSR Asia 2018 will track the rapid development of growth and network expansion of high-speed rail systems and will offer insights and analysis of the Asia Pacific rail market, covering the current situation, expected new developments, key trends, issues and opportunities. The 2-day international summit plus learning workshops will focus on high speed rail development and rail construction featuring innovative technology, communications & signaling, effective operations, financing models and options, cyber security, enhanced and increased capacity, fare collection and network integration - all whilst delivering an integrated transport system that is sustainable, within costs and on time.

In the current global economic downturn, the rail industry continues to offer long term growth potential for key players and where better than New Delhi to hold HSR Asia 2018 The region is one the world’s most exciting market for rail investment and development as it continues to expand rapidly with almost every major city in Asia Pacific boasting of expanding rail network, high speed rail development, new lines and high speed airport rail links. New and improved rail systems are being established in Asia Pacific to meet burgeoning demand whilst existing rail systems are being upgraded to meet increased passenger growth. Threats of security and safety are very much of prime importance as rail operators develop their networks and improve their technology.

The speaker panel we are putting together will represent the best minds from the rail, finance, legal and innovative technology providers both from the region and internationally. Given the current trend in Asia’s growth trajectory, this summit will draw both international and Asia Pacific participants.

30% of worldwide rail investment is now concentrated in Asia Pacific and where better than India to host HSR Asia 2018 in October 2018. The key drivers pushing investment in railways are economic growth, urbanization and population growth.

Globally the high-speed rail projects are progressing rapidly, 2018 promises to bring more investment, opportunities and challenges into the high-speed rail market.

masaaki   M. P. Singh
High Speed Rail Corporation of India
  masaaki   Surjit Madan
Head, Rail Systems
Amaravati Metro Rail
masaaki   Bhupinder Bedi
Asian Development Bank, India
  masaaki   Farizul Hazil bin Baharom
Head, Cross Border Rail
Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD)
masaaki   Ar Priyanka Kumar
Architect - Urban Planner, Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies, Lucknow
  masaaki   T C Chew
Global Rail Business Leader
masaaki   Bassam Mansour
International Rail Industry Advisor
HSS Engineering
  masaaki   Timothy G. Galarnyk
Construction Risk Management, Inc.
masaaki   Prof Teh Soo Lee
Head of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Deptartment
School of Engineering
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Ashok Goyal
Rail Analysis India

masaaki   Abhaya Krishna Agarwal
Partner - Infrastructure & PPP
Transaction Advisory & Government Services
  masaaki   Apurba Dhar
masaaki   Dr John Paul
Managing Director

24th October 2018 - Pre-Summit Workshops
Workshop A
Critical thinking and advance technologies for high speed train network systems

This workshop will show you how to simplify the journey from conventional rail to the frontier of advanced rail by eliminating biases of all types related to complex decision making. The intensive 1 day training workshop will allow industry leaders to engage unbiased changes required at all levels of their organisations by creating a solid shareholders coalition. You will learn how to develop a railway system that delivers the required customer experience by applying critical thinking process to select technologies to create a fair ecosystem.

Workshop B
Insfrastructure construction safety 'Boot-Camp'

This 4 hour intensive Infrastructure Construction Safety ‘Boot-Camp” is the first of its kind in the world.  The focus is on necessary change in the management of construction safety.  The intent is to introduce effective, efficient and workable solutions to the global enigma on the rising trend of construction injuries and deaths.

25-26th October 2018 - 2 day Summit
Issues addressed at HSR Asia 2018 will include:
  • Update on India’s ambitious high speed rail development, with latest details on Mumbai-Ahmedabad hsr project
  • High Speed Rail updates globally focusing on Asia Pacific projects
  • Integrated sustainable transport systems
  • Innovative technology for future rail
  • Financing models and options/Economics of HSR
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Communications & signalling
  • Cybersecurity and safety in rail systems
  • Development along the rail link route
  • Innovation in maintenance - what innovation is available to reduce maintenance costs
  • Cross border transportation
  • Resourcing for HSR projects
  • Lessons learnt from the success and challenges of countries currently implementing high speed rail systems
  • AI, Robotics and its implications for rail transportation

  If you are interested to join our HSR Asia 2018 and help us to shape the programme and content, then send your proposed topic title and 4-5 bullet points to clogan@stratcoms.com.
  Attend the 2-day international summit to meet, network and listen to benchmarking case studies, updates and opportunities available. This is where you will meet your peers and the movers and shakers in the high-speed rail industry. Email enquiry@stratcoms.com to ask if you qualify for one of our discount options!
  HSR Asia 2018 is the perfect venue for you to showcase your technology and rail solutions to a targeted audience. Contact us at enquiry@stratcoms.com to discuss how we can help your to reach you audience.
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