Following the success of our last high speed rail summit in 2017, Strategic Communications and co-organisers, Rail Personnel are pleased to announce the scheduling of our HSR Asia 2018 for September 2018. HSR Asia 2018 will track the rapid development of growth and network expansion of high-speed rail systems and will offer insights and analysis of the Asia Pacific rail market, covering the current situation, expected new developments, key trends, issues and opportunities. The 2-day international summit will focus on high speed rail development and rail construction featuring innovative technology, communications & signaling, effective operations, financing models and options, cyber security, enhanced and increased capacity, fare collection and network integration - all whilst delivering an integrated transport system that is sustainable, within costs and on time.

In the current global economic downturn, the rail industry continues to offer long term growth potential for key players making the Asia Pacific region one the world's most exciting market for rail investment and development.

30% of worldwide rail investment is now concentrated in Asia Pacific and where better than Kuala Lumpur to host HSR Asia 2018 in September 2018. The key drivers pushing investment in railways are economic growth, urbanization and population growth.

Globally the high-speed rail projects are progressing rapidly, 2018 promises to bring more investment, opportunities and challenges into the high-speed rail market.

Some of the key projects include:

Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Line - with 8 stations and maximum operating speed of 320km/hr, the journey time from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore will take 90 minutes between the 2 cities

Bangalore High Speed Rail Link, India

Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Link, India

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Train Project, Turkey

Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Australia - Currently in the ‘planning and design phase’, it is expected to open in 2026 with two 9km tunnels, five new underground stations and two city stations connected to Flinders Street and Melbourne Central Central railway stations - at a estimated cost of $11bn

North-South Railway, Saudi Arabia - Expected to start services next year, the 2400km route under construction by Saudi Railway Company is split between freight and passenger lines. Approximately 4 million tonnes of freight and 2 million passengers a year are expected to use the route

HS2, UK Running between London and Birmingham - the project is scheduled to begin next year

China’s most advanced high-speed train network based on state-of-the art technologies

Presentations will include:
  • High Speed Rail updates globally
  • Integrated sustainable transport systems
  • Innovative technology for future rail
  • Financing models and options/Economics of hsr
  • Fare collection
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Communications & signaling
  • Cybersecurity
  • Development along the rail link route
  • Innovation in maintenance
  • Cross border transportation
  • Resourcing for hsr projects

  If you are interested to join our HSR Asia 2018 and help us to shape the programme and content, then send your proposed topic title and 4-5 bullet points to clogan@stratcoms.com.
  Attend the 2-day international summit to meet, network and listen to benchmarking case studies, updates and opportunities available. This is where you will meet your peers and the movers and shakers in the high-speed rail industry. Email enquiry@stratcoms.com to ask if you qualify for one of our discount options!
  HSR Asia 2018 is the perfect venue for you to showcase your technology and rail solutions to a targeted audience. Contact us at enquiry@stratcoms.com to discuss how we can help your to reach you audience.
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