The International Project Finance Association (IPFA) is an independent, not-for-profit, professional members’ association dedicated to providing up-to-date information on best practice, industry trends and new developments in infrastructure and energy.

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IPFA operates globally across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia & the CIS and Turkey giving members access to an international network of over 600 public and private sector organisations.

We host a continuous programme of over 100 industry events which are free for members to attend and offer a unique opportunity to network with senior, decision making professionals, across the industry. We hold Future Leaders Network (FLN) events that are specifically targeted at members in junior positions. Other benefits include taking advantage of discounted training courses, facilitated introductions, access to webinars and a wide range of industry documents and publications.

For further information on IPFA and its activities around the world, please visit its website: www.ipfa.org.

The Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) is an international non-profit NGO composed of senior executives and decision-makers heading up firms with energy and power business commitments across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

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We are an active catalyst for positive change with a unique “fraternal” organizational atmosphere.  We cover all key areas and sectors relating to power generation: Gas, Coal, Bio-Mass, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geo-Thermal, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Security, Equipment, Infrastructure, Alternatives, Renewable and Sustainable Technologies, etc.

The IPPF also leads the “New Energy” parade for Energy Efficiencies (EESCO’s), Pollution Prevention (P2/E2), GHG Trading, Energy Security, Waste-to-Energy, Standby Power, Smart Grid, Distribution / Transmission, Restructuring.

FinNuclear Association’s purpose is to promote Finnish companies’ general preconditions, cooperation, competences, international profile in manufacturing, construction and service activities in the nuclear energy field. Nuclear energy is the largest single source of energy for electricity production in Finland.

Agensi Nuklear Malaysia (Nuklear Malaysia), as a premier research and development (R&D) organisation in nuclear science and technology, continues to play an active role and contributes to the implementation and realisation of national science and technology (S&T) policies to ensure it remains a relevant public research institute for the country.

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With more than three decades operational, Nuklear Malaysia is mature and capable to face the challenges and manage the change efficiently. In line with the current needs and development, a strategic action plan and its implementation has developed to meet the set targets. Nuklear Malaysia has emphasis on building the human capital potential and also ensuring that all activities fits the mainstream S&T and national interest.

The organisation has rename itself from Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology (MINT) to Agensi Nuklear Malaysia, and restructure the management to realign its functions and activities. Following this restructuring exercise, Nuklear Malaysia now has four programmes, namely; research and technology development, technical support, commercialisation and technology planning and management services. These programmes will provide means for Nuklear Malaysia to focus on its activities, including the readiness to be technical support organisation, if Malaysia decided to embark on nuclear power programme as an alternative option for future electricity generation.

The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan was established in June 1966 and certified as an incorporated foundation by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in September that year.

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The aim of its establishment is to carry on research activities specialized in the area of energy from the viewpoint of the national economy as a whole in a bid to contribute to sound development of the Japanese energy-supplying and energy-consuming industries and to the improvement of people's life in the country by objectively analyzing energy problems and providing basic data, information and reports necessary for the formulation of policies. With the diversification of social needs, IEEJ has expanded its scope of research activities to include such topics as environmental problems and international cooperation closely related to energy. In October 1984, the Energy Data and Modeling Center (EDMC) was established as an IEEJ-affiliated organization to carry out such tasks as the development of energy data bases, building of various energy models and econometric analyses of energy. In July 1999, EDMC was merged into IEEJ and began operating as an IEEJ division under the same name, i.e., the Energy Data and Modeling Center. IEEJ has provided data and information related to energy, environment, Middle East, and so on as non-profit organization by using funds from over 100 member companies so far.

Windsor Energy Group is a not for profit bringing together policy-makers and energy practitioners to review global energy developments.

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The group meets annually at Windsor Castle - hence its name - under the chairmanship of Lord Howell, a former British energy secretary. The group has an active programme of expert discussions in London and abroad.

Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) provides advice on economic and business issues facing nuclear power projects, with a focus on the interaction between nuclear power and the electricity industry.

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Insightful analyses of nuclear project economics are needed to:
  • Evaluate new nuclear project business models and financing approaches
  • Structure nuclear projects, PPAs and related arrangements
  • Support positions in nuclear industry legal and regulatory disputes
  • Review government and regulator decisions about nuclear power projects
  • Develop and implement effective nuclear industry strategies
Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG; www.nuclear-economics.com) applies economic analysis to the complex business and legal challenges facing the nuclear power industry. Our particular focus is on the current issues related to electricity markets. NECG’s experts have created strategies, conducted research and studies, written reports, and provided expert testimony for clients that include corporations, law firms, and government authorities. Our work is based on analytical rigor and objectivity that is tempered by real world industry experience in both the electricity industry and the nuclear power industry. NECG has been involved in client engagements related to strategy, finance, regulation, and litigation.

"US Nuclear Power - Market Failure and Failing Markets" Report

US nuclear power is facing market issues that are resulting in early retirement for operating nuclear power plants and in new nuclear power projects being cancelled. These issues are not caused by nuclear power plants, as US nuclear power plant generating costs are declining and performance is good. Instead, these issues arise because US electricity markets are failing to perform in a way that supports existing generation assets. These outcomes are similar to those seen in Europe. Countries considering electricity industry reform should carefully consider the lessons from the US.

CrowdReviews.com is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd.

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The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. CrowdReviews.com is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.

Ux Consulting (UxC) is a global leader in consulting and information services for the nuclear fuel cycle and reactor markets.

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There is in-depth coverage of projects, contracts and business news, to technological innovations and improvements, and to future market trends. We offer technology-focused e-newsletters, company search via online product and company directories. Other facilities include job postings, events calendar, interactive news commentary, blogging, social media connections, technology basics and much more.

The Power Times provides information and news on power generation, transmission and distribution entities.

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UxC is widely viewed as the industry leader in supplying nuclear fuel price and market information through its Ux Weekly publication. UxC also provides in-depth reporting and analysis in all areas of the nuclear energy industry. In addition to many standard publications, UxC provides custom consulting for a wide variety of international clients looking to enhance market intelligence, strategic planning, and technical understanding in the global nuclear marketplace.
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