Japan set target of nuclear energy to 20% of its energy mix by 2030!

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is pleased to announce the scheduling of its 6th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2018 taking place in Tokyo on 14th February 2018. With the global nuclear power industry reassessing their current and future energy road map, it is imperative for countries considering new build to rebuild confidence in nuclear power as a safe and reliable source of energy by ensuring nuclear safety and security.

According to Japan’s policy setting agency JAEC, nuclear power should remain a key component of Japan’s energy mix, recommending in a recent report that nuclear power account for at least 20% of Japan’s energy supply by 2030. Before Fukushima, nuclear power accounted for 30% of Japan’s energy with plans to increase it to 40%. After the 2011 accident, all of Japan’s reactors were closed and now 5 have restarted with 4 operational in 2016. On 13th September 2017, TEPCO received conditional approval to resume operations at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant – one of the world’s largest nuclear plant.

Asia is the main region in the world where electricity generating capacity and specifically nuclear power is growing significantly. In East through to South Asia there are 128 operable nuclear power reactors, 40 under construction and firm plans to build a further 90.

Nuclear power is a proven source of reliable, cost effective and clean source of energy with long term benefits. The long term benefits of nuclear power still remain positive and with increased safety measures in place, nuclear power is a viable option and necessary as part of the energy mix.

Our annual nuclear power briefings bring together key stakeholders, regulators, government, EPCs, financial institutions and vendors to discuss openly and candidly about the future of nuclear power as a key element in the energy mix of the future.

The 6th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2018 will continue to take a pragmatic view of where the current global nuclear power industry stands and the way forward, it will address the opportunities available and the challenges faced in nuclear new build, finance options, commercializing SMRs and technological innovation, safety, security, climate change and decommissioning.

Opportunities to participate at Strategic Communication’s 6th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2018 are limited! Here is how you can be involved at the exciting briefing for the European nuclear industry:

Speak – If you are interested in speaking at this exciting event for the nuclear power industry, please provide a 100-word synopsis, topic title and 4 bullet points of the paper you would like to present.

Register – Contact us for details for Early Bird Registration fees at enquiry@stratcoms.com

– The event offers an undeniable opportunity to showcase your company’s solutions and technology for the nuclear energy industry. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you showcase your company’s technology and services.

This is your opportunity to shape the content and tone of the programme and address critical issues surrounding nuclear power development in Asia and in particular Japan. Email Christina Logan at clogan@stratcoms.com if you are interested to be part of our 6th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2018.

masaaki Lady Barbara Judge, CBE
Chairman Emeritus, UK Atomic Energy Authority
Chairman, The Energy Institute of UCL
Deputy Chairman of the TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee

masaaki Naomi Hirose

masaaki   Takao Kurihara
General Manager, Global Nuclear Business Development and Management Center
Nuclear Energy Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd. [Japan] and CEO,
Hitachi Visaginas Project Investment UAB [Lithuania]
  masaaki   Dr Salah Ud-Din Khan
Assistant Professor
Sustainable Energy Technologies
Center, College of Engineering
King Saud University
masaaki Tim Yeo
New Nuclear Watch Japan & the University of Sheffield Industrial Advisory Board for the Energy 2050 Initiative

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