Strategic Communications is delighted to announce the scheduling of its 5th Asian Nuclear Power Briefing 2017 taking place in Hong Kong in February 2017. We are fortunate to once again be able to have Lady Barbara Judge, CBE, Chairman Emeritus, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Chairman, The Energy Institute of UCL, Deputy Chairman, TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee to chair the 1-day exclusive briefing.

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Nuclear energy projects must navigate a range of complex industrial, technological, regulatory, financial, economic and planning issues. Using a mixture of presentations and real-world practical case studies this Successful Nuclear Energy Project Development course will familiarise participants with each step of the lifecycle of a nuclear power station build and its supporting nuclear infrastructure requirements.

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A 3-day intensive workshop giving a practical understanding of the complex issues and how Power Purchase Agreements, renewable energy technologies, and competitive energy markets are being analysed, structured, negotiated and implemented.


is an international energy & infrastructure specialist with over 24 years of extensive experience in 56 different countries in designing and negotiating PPAs, corporate governance of energy authorities, energy project finance, energy regulation & tariff-setting, and private energy transaction advisory services. He has directed feasibility studies and financing plans for over $800 million worth of investments in the energy and other infrastructure sectors. He has worked on energy restructuring and investment assignments throughout South East Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Mr. White has designed and led executives training programs on energy investments for over 11,000 officials worldwide.

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Strategic Communications offers a series of intensive and value added training workshops and seminars. Courses that we have offered in the past include:
  • Structuring Power Purchase Agreements and Managing Electricity Markets and Renewable Energy
  • Petroleum Economics, Risks and Fiscal Analysis
  • Maximising Profit and minimising risks through effective Negotiation of Successful Gas and LNG Contracts
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Windsor Energy Group is a not for profit bringing together policy-makers and energy practitioners to review global energy developments. The group meets annually at Windsor Castle – hence its name – under the chairmanship of Lord Howell, a former British energy secretary. The group has an active programme of expert discussions in London and abroad.

Nuclear energy development is a long-term business that involves many diverse stakeholders. Getting the right balance of expertise and experience is essential to successfully align their needs. Jackson Associates can help advise governments on how best to work with private companies and investors of every size, and equally we help companies to work well with host governments. Jackson Associates offers nuclear consultancy, advisory, training and research services. Our client presentations and reports quickly summarise the key issues and offer proven real-world practical solutions that really work.