The 2-day International Summit will highlight NZ’s current transportation, particularly in the field of urban transportation and will look at expected new developments, key trends, issues, opportunities and how we can move cities to create a sustainable future.

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How to Develop NextGen Leaders for VUCA World?

The rapidly evolving demands of the 21st century include everything from climate change to demography, shifting customer requirements and expectations, the rise of technology, globalisation, new markets and new attitudes to work. Leaders must now operate in a way that inspires and engages people, while simultaneously addressing changing customer requirements and delivering results. Finally, all of this needs to be achieved with a sense of urgency as the experienced leaders of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation continue to retire at pace.

Digitisation has an impact on all organisations across various sectors or industries. In each case, the impact is a different one, which makes it essential for companies and business leaders to have a good understanding and view of what they face and how digitisation will affect their company; which opportunities can be seized and which threats have to be faced? 

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Strategic Communications offers a series of intensive and value added training workshops and seminars. Courses that we have offered in the past include:
  • Structuring Power Purchase Agreements and Managing Electricity Markets and Renewable Energy
  • Petroleum Economics, Risks and Fiscal Analysis
  • Maximising Profit and minimising risks through effective Negotiation of Successful Gas and LNG Contracts
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